Existing Infrastructure Modernization & Migration


CloudGen masters the art of migration by providing comprehensive and mature solutions to move data, services and applications from any environment to Industry best Cloud Service providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or others.

Taking a methodical approach provides our customers a seamless, disruption free, secure, scalable and future proof path to the cloud. To ensure that we get it right every time, we use robust, proven and carefully designed deployment templates, which are backed up by best industry practices.


⦁ Faster time to business results
⦁ Reduce operational costs and TCO
⦁ Reduce risk and increase business continuity
⦁ Unlock new revenue opportunities
⦁ Resource scaling to meet the increasing demand.


⦁ Assessment of On-premises infrastructure
⦁ Create migration plan
⦁ Secure the right cloud provider
⦁ Execute cloud migration
⦁ Cloud Operations & Maintenance.

Let’s Make Awesome Things, Together.

Just brief us about your business and we will prepare a solution for its digitalization.

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