Our Mission...

Leading cloud service provider dedicated to build long-lasting relationships and helping you win now and anticipate tomorrow.

We have only one agenda: Your Success!

We know the IT infrastructure and applications that power your enterprise are key to generating a strong competitive advantage. For that reason, we construct an atmosphere of stability together with our after sales support where the security and consistency of your IT infrastructure and applications are certainly guaranteed.

Message From CEO

Technology breakthroughs are happening fast and every now and then. These are everyday headlines that ring a bell that change is constant.
We describe change as growth because that is exactly what is happening at CloudGen. It is a subtle yet essential nuance. Growth implies forward motion, forward thinking. Change happens to us. Progress happens because of us.

Our fundamental purpose is to enhance and protect our clients’ value. The value they created. The value they want to keep and grow. Every day, our people solve clients’ most pressing problems – and help them seize new opportunities. Their dedication to our clients and each other is unmatched.

Our clients trust us to help shape their future, today. And for that we are grateful.

Together, let’s keep the momentum going!

Message from CTO

CloudGen, is on a mission to empower businesses by simplifying the deployment and upgradation of their IT infrastructure on a hybrid and cloud based environment. CloudGen is strategically located in the capital city of Pakistan to engulf all the regions within and around the globe to provide frictionless provisioning of public cloud and digitization leveraging Cloudification, Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence.

With over 15 years of experience in the telecom and IaaS industries, I advise the technical team and provide expert insights into meeting customer needs.

Here at CloudGen, it is our priority to offer a standardized, highly reliable, high performance cloud services wherever and whomsoever we serve.

Customers Trust is our Medal!